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If you’ve already trained in MMA or have reasonable experience in striking and grappling combat skills then you’d be able to jump straight into our classes as an experienced member. We have over 20 sessions every week ranging from technical wrestling & submission classes to advanced MMA classes. Whether you’re actively training or you’ve been out of the game for a while, we can help find the right classes for you.

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The term ‘MMA’ means ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ – MMA is essentially the combination of the techniques and principles of many different fighting styles that are continually tested and refined in competitive Mixed Martial Art events like the UFC. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and arguably the most exciting, if you choose to learn MMA with us then you will quickly see what makes MMA a fun, challenging and addictive sport to involved with.

At a PRO MAI MMA school you will learn the skills needed to make you effective in all the combat ranges – striking, wrestling, grappling, submissions – PRO MAI MMA classes are true Mixed Martial Art classes. However, despite the serious nature of skills we are teaching it is paramount to us that every student feels comfortable in the environment – educating our students to achieve the greatest possible growth in terms of physical skills and mental strength is our top priority.

Whether you are looking to compete in MMA or you are just looking to learn some skills and would love to give it a go then we can help. There are a range of classes available to suit everyone from complete beginner to professional fighter and we’ll aim to help everyone to reach their goals with first class instruction and a great atmosphere.

At PRO MAI MMA we pride ourselves on a highly technical approach, we believe that knowledge is the ultimate weapon when it comes to getting an advantage in MMA. In every PRO MAI MMA lesson you will learn more than just individual techniques, you will learn fundamental MMA concepts and tactics that will help you bring all your skills together to become a high level Mixed Martial Artist.

PRO MAI MMA classes are open to students of all abilities and beginners are welcome. The atmosphere in every class is one of learning and encouragement, we work as a team so that everyone can push each other to develop and progress. Getting started is simple, you don’t need any previous experience and you can borrow all the equipment you need for the first few lessons. Just arrange to come along to one of our classes for your taster session and we’re confident that you’ll quickly see the benefit of a PRO MAI MMA class.

PRO MAI (Progressive Martial Art Initiatives) Was founded in 1989 and in our twenty year history we have taught literally thousands of students realistic, modern and progressive Self Defence and Martial Art techniques and concepts. More recently PRO MAI MMA was born (around 1999) and it was conceived specifically to train students to in arena of competitive Mixed Martial Arts.